About Us

Dear Reader,

Our apologies if you’ve come here seeking an author, only to find us guarding the gate. Allow us to explain. Patritus LLC is a firm dedicated to publishing the Indie author. However, our authors are a little different than others. They have all eschewed the public space. They value their privacy. We realize how much of an outlier this makes them. In a world of author pages, book tours, signings, and interviews, our authors will be (un)noticeably absent. However, our authors feel that the best way to speak to a reader is through their work. We are here to help them do that.

If you wish to get in touch with any particular author, we will pass on the message. Our authors are always glad to hear from their readers, though they might not always be able to respond. The best way to keep up with updates and new releases is by signing up for our e-mail list. If you wish to accelerate the publishing process, you can donate money through the paypal button on this site. Please be sure to specify the writer. Our writers are full time, and can always use the encouragement.

If you are a book blogger interested in becoming a part of our early release program, please contact us through the form under ‘Contacts.’ Please also contact us if you are an editor or a book designer; a portfolio, in these cases, is a must. Lastly, if you are a writer…alas, we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. If you love what we are doing, or you love our authors’ works, please read and review. There is no better world than a world full of books.

With best wishes,
Patritus LLC